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About All Natural Advantage

All Natural Advantage LogoAll Natural Advantage specialises in specific health issues: children’s health (autism spectrum disorder [ASD], ADHD, biomedical treatment), gastrointestinal disorders, mood disorders, dietary interventions, testing options, and much more.
There is a special emphasis on autism spectrum disorders (ASD), as this is close to my heart being the father of a son on the spectrum. Parents are often frustrated with the lack of knowledge and help that health practitioners are able to offer their ASD children. Here you will find extensive information on current treatment and current research into ASD that will help your child.
Gastrointestinal, fatigue and mood disorders in adults, are often linked to each other and our dietary habits. Frequently poor thyroid and hormonal function and neurotransmitter imbalances may also be contributing factors. The genes you are born with (e.g. MTHFR enzyme and vitamin D receptor mutations) can predispose to inadequate nutrient production (e.g. vitamin D, folate), higher inflammatory markers, poorer detoxification, higher oxidative stress, etc. Often it is a complicated web of interacting medical, environmental, dietary and genetic issues that have been at work for many years, contributing to ill health. 
At All Natural Advantage we combine a comprehensive medical history, dietary assessment, with integrative medicine testing (where appropriate) to unravel underlying causes of illness and help you onto a path of wellness again. You can be confident that the latest research and treatments are being implemented at the clinic, in order to achieve the most positive outcome for yourself or your child.