John, I’m not sure what it is, Biomins or the other suppement that you gave with glycine, but WOW. Huge improvement. He is more positive, less oppositional. But the most noticable change was with his English. It started two days ago after we started those new supplements you gave us. He suddenly started speaking fluently, volunteering to speak up in front of the group. Everyone in childcare and his speech therapist were asking if we changed supplements or his diet.

AT - Mother ASD son,

Yesterday I went to meet my GP and mentioned about the blood tests recommended by you. She mentioned that she knows many children under ASD spectrum who are taking naturopath treatments are showing improvements and was happy to give referral the blood tests. She also added coeliac screen test and diabetic test to the list.

LR - Mother to ASD son,

The new doctor that you referred me to was able to get Charlie’s blood test results that he had done at the Royal Children’s Hospital in 2013 and found that he had in fact had hypothyroidism then but no one told me so I’m quite annoyed and frustrated. But at least now we know. He also has hypoglycaemia and sinc we’ve been a lot more diligent in having him eat more regularly, his behaviour, mood, anxiety has improved tenfold. I want to thank you so  much for your input. You were a big stepping stone to get to this new doctor and without your help I don’t know where we would be now, so thank you so much John. I’m grateful.

AM - Mother to ASD son,

Gabriel has begun the school year beautifully and is doing so well. We really have no issues with him at all now and his teacher says he is an absolute delight.

MM Mother to Asperger son.,