The new doctor that you referred me to was able to get Charlie’s blood test results that he had done at the Royal Children’s Hospital in 2013 and found that he had in fact had hypothyroidism then but no one told me so I’m quite annoyed and frustrated. But at least now we know. He also has hypoglycaemia and sinc we’ve been a lot more diligent in having him eat more regularly, his behaviour, mood, anxiety has improved tenfold. I want to thank you so  much for your input. You were a big stepping stone to get to this new doctor and without your help I don’t know where we would be now, so thank you so much John. I’m grateful.

AM - Mother to ASD son,

Gabriel has begun the school year beautifully and is doing so well. We really have no issues with him at all now and his teacher says he is an absolute delight.

MM Mother to Asperger son.,

Hi John,

Just to let you know Milena is back to being the girl she was before we came to see you. So happy and confident again. All her sensory stuff has resolved itself. She is back at school with her friends and doing well academically. We are relieved and thankful for your help.

TG mother to Asperger girl,

Hi John,

I just wanted to say a big thank you. I remember stumbling onto your details on the internet in a fog of ill health and desperation and you were a little shining light of humanuty in what was a pretty difficult time. Yu set me up with those test kits on a number of occasions and had the capacity to listen to a stranger who’d rung you up out of the blue and offered practical assistance.

Thanks again for your help John.