Hi John,

Dylan is going great- starting to eat really well (including pureed fruit). He has stopped going to the toilet in the bedroom. He is a lot calmer and his general happiness is great. His teachers are really happy with him at school. His language has also picked up. We have absolutely no negatives to report, which is absolutely fantastic for us. Thanks John.

AS - Mother to ASD son,

Hi John

Just to let you know that Jacob has been brilliant for the last week. He had a good week at school, overcame his fear and rode his bike without training wheels for the first time, and swam without assistance at swimming lessons for the first time. He’s been more calm and agreeable. It’s been AMAZING!

MH - Mother to ASD son,

Hi John,

Sara is doing really well. We’re keeping off gluten, milk & salicylates and she is relatively “symptom free”. Her behaviour/ anxiety is much improved and she is even negotiating situations she hasn’t been able to before. I can tell within half an hour if she has eaten something she shouldn’t have. Thank you for identifying salicylates, it has made a real difference.


MC, Mother,

Gabriel is doing very well. He is the most consistent and in control that he has ever been. Feedback from school is that he is “perfect”. However recently we put strawberries into his smoothies and found that he couldn’t sit still or look us in the eye. Strawberries are definitely off the list of foods for Gabriel. Thanks again.

MM, Mother,