Darcy is currently up to 4 mLs of herbal mix per day. Iron intake is still only 1.2 mL a day but am trying other foods with iron in it. He is doing well and managing without his Ritalin meds. Sleeping is better and having longer sleeps. Meltdowns r very rare. Thanks John for your help.

NC, Mother,

Will has been doing so amazingly well in the last couple of weeks!! He is consistently drinking water, happier, babbling more, more eye contact, pointing and saying “mum” and initiating “shared play”.

He seems a lot happier and shows a lot more interaction. Eats a lot of different food these days, but all stuff he feeds himself which makes supps hard most days. Thankyou as you have been the only one to make a difference for Will. Even the gasto doctor did not pick up the bowel issues that he had. He is doing so well, sleeping through the night and happy, life is so much easier for us now.

TR, Parent

Since our first visit with Charlie in 2007, we never expected that he would have been able to achieve all that he has. Remember I was the mother that was so resistant to doing the gluten and casein free diet. However when we did try it, we saw a huge improvement in Charlie. He remains gluten free, but is able to tolerate the occasional amount of gluten when we go out.

He did well in mainstream primary school and the transition to year 7 has gone well with your support. He is showing a maturity and independence that is amazing. He still takes his supplements and reminds me if I forget to give them to him in the morning! My son would not be where he is without your help. For that we are very grateful.

SR, Mother

My daughter is doing extremely well these days! She is thriving like she never had before, and her anxiety and behaviours improved in under 2 weeks of changing her diet. We changed her diet to dairy and gluten free and reduced sugar, but we eliminated all sugar, added in green juices and smoothies, less fruit, and all organic. Her anxiety and behaviours have improved so much in under 2 weeks of changing her diet. The school asked me if I had medicated her!! It was amazing!!

Thankyou for your help. You were always so lovely and helpful to us.

MJ, Parent