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Outside the Autism Matrix – Gut and Feeding Issues in Autism

November 10, 2018 @ 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Outside the Autism Matrix - Gut and Feeding issues in in Autism

An All Natural Advantage Workshop

Gut and Feeding Issues in Autism

This workshop series has been designed to inform and inspire parents like yourself, that are looking for advice on how to achieve an optimal outcome for your child. By presenting you with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) research in an easy to understand format, it is intended to correct much of the myth and misinformation that  surrounds autism treatment.

What you will learn in this workshop?

Session 1 : Gastrointestinal issues in autism

This session looks at the research into common gastrointestinal issues that are reported in ASD children. The possibility that your child may have an underlying gut issue is higher than expected in the general population. The research shows that the prevalence of gastrointestinal issues, may be as high as 70% in ASD. The American Academy of Pediatrics, in 2014, published a consensus report, which stated that in ASD children:

  • “the emergence or exacerbation of problem behaviors, such as aggression, self-injury, sleep disturbance, or irritability, ….. may be the only indication of an underlying GI problem.” 
  • “parents and health care providers should be educated about possible GI symptoms and pathophysiology in children with ASD”

So what should you be looking for in your child, that may indicate that there is an underlying gastrointestinal issue that may need to be treated?

What are the testing options to confirm a gastrointestinal issue in your child?

What are the treatment options if it is confirmed that your child has a problem?

Session 2 : Feeding issues in autism

In the second half of this workshop we explore the complex topic of feeding issues in ASD.  Studies indicate that between 46 to 89% of ASD children have a feeding disorder.

These may include, but not limited to: 

  • Will only eat certain foods 
  • Have a very limited diet 
  • Prefers foods of a certain texture or smell
  • Eats too quickly 
  • Eats too much 
  • Behavioural factors


Underlying factors that need to be identified if there are feeding issues: 

  • Medical co-morbidities 
  • Underlying allergies 
  • Nutritional deficiencies 
  • Structural/ mechanical issues

We will discuss what you should look out for, that may indicate an underlying issue may be contributing to your child’s feeding problems.

Who your child needs to be referred to for an assessment and help.

Who Should Attend This Workshop? 

  • New parents with children that have a ASD diagnosis, ADHD, mood disorders or other disability, and are looking for advice 
  • Any parent interested in the latest research, and how it can be translated clinically to achieve an optimal outcome for their child 
  • Teachers and any professionals that would like a better understanding of current research and the rationale for why parents are using diet and supplements for their children

Join John as he shares his experience and knowledge on gut and feeding issues in ASD. Gut and feeding issues are often interrelated. It just does not make sense not to address these two problems in ASD children.

There is so much that can be done to improve your child’s quality of life and ultimately help them achieve their full potential in life.

Teachers, carers, and other support workers, you are also in a unique position to identify co-occurring medical and behavioural issues in these children, that can be treated effectively. Improving their mood, ability to learn and ultimately their quality of life.

Most people accept what they are told and never question whether the advice they are given is right.

Those that attended my first workshop will understand that I never take anything at face value and question everything, including research studies.

Parents will be presented with the research studies into diet in ASD children. Many parents will be surprised with the research outcomes. The research is showing completely different outcomes compared to what parents have been lead to believe.

I invite you to come and make up your own mind.

John Pietryka

Organiser of Outside the Autism Matrix – Nutritional Deficiencies & Dietary Intervention

John Pietryka is a naturopath, medical scientist and father to an ASD child. It has been well over 25 years since his child was diagnosed as autistic.

Faced with a lack of advice from medical professionals apart from early intervention and medication, John used his skills as a medical scientist to embark on his own search for answers to help his child.

That journey has taken him and his child out of the conventional neurological model of treatment, what he calls “The Autism Matrix”, into a vastly different world.

A world that recognises that autism does not exist solely by itself. It exists as a highly complex disorder and requires every child to be treated individually for them to achieve their full potential in life.

His child has grown into an independent adult, but John continues to delve into the ever increasing volume of research into ASD.

John is passionate about his continued interest and research into ASD, and feels the time has come to dispel many myths and correct much of the misinformation that parents are given when seeking advice for their ASD child.




November 10, 2018
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


All Natural Advantage
(03) 8802 7687


Balwyn Library Meeting Room
336 Whitehorse Rd
Balwyn, VIC Australia
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