Featured Webinars

December is a month we are all time poor finishing off projects and preparing for the festive season. So I have opted to feature two short videos for time poor parents. Both are from Asperger Experts, two young Aspies or “Aspergerians” that try to help parents unravel the mysterious world of autism through their life experiences. In the process they are helping parents to help their own ASD children. Generally I have found personal experience stories far more useful than some of the academic babble (sorry for the academics out there).

The first is an introduction to how Asperger’s individuals mind works and the second explains this concept in more detail:

How Asperger’s Works – a short 3 minute video that discusses how the Asperger’s mind layers things to create what they call the ‘Sensory Funnel”.

The Aspergers “Sensory Funnel” – a 12 minute video that discusses how working on the sensory issues, instead of social/emotional issues, everything else is more likely to fall into place.