Monthly Research Review – December 2015

The research keeps coming and it is a struggle keeping up due to the sheer volume. However my motto is as always, if you don’t look for it and read it, you will never know. From the last newsletter, I am glad to see that a significant number of you are making the effort to look at the links to the research papers and hopefully be more informed.

As ASD individuals become adults, more research studies are being published showing that these adults have a higher incidence of medical and psychiatric issues, high rate of prescription drug use and higher overall mortality. This is the reason why we begin to treat ASD children early to lay the foundation for their adult years. Anecdotally, the children that we are following-up, that have been supported with biomedical treatment and diet, are doing so much better than those that have had none or minimal interventions.

Obesity and Autism.

Premature mortality in autism spectrum disorder.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Longitudinal and Offspring Risk.

Prescription Use among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Northern New England: Intensity and Small Area Variation.

Autism Characteristics in Older Adults with Depressive Disorders.

Management of mental ill health in people with autism spectrum disorder.

Oats should be tolerated in a gluten free diet so long as they have not been contaminated with gluten during processing. However in vitro studies have shown that the immunogenicity of oats varies depending on the cultivar used.

Role of oats in celiac disease.

Studies are increasingly being published on clinical trials of supplements that can help with the some of the core ASD symptoms. Below are two studies featuring acetylcysteine and sodium butyrate. Herbs can be very beneficial in the treatment of ASD children. I use herbs to help support children’s immune status, gastrointestinal function, support the nervous system and detoxification. Quality of the herbs is so important to ensure you get the best results.

Acetylcysteine for treatment of autism spectrum disorder symptoms.

Sodium Butyrate attenuates social behavior deficits and modifies the transcription of inhibitory/excitatory genes in the frontal cortex of an autism model.

Autism: Pathophysiology and promising herbal remedies.

Three studies on therapies that are showing positive benefits in behaviour and communication.

Effects of therapeutic horse riding on gait cycle parameters and some aspects of behavior of children with autism.

The Effect of Karate Techniques Training on Communication Deficit of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The effect of sung speech on socio-communicative responsiveness in children with autism spectrum disorders.

Some parents have used camel milk to help treat their ASD children and have seen some good results. A study here that parents should take note, raw camel milk was superior to pasteurised camel milk. Camel milk is beginning to become available in Melbourne, however it is pasteurised. More studies on the nutritional deficiencies in ASD children One in particular identifying severe vitamin C deficiency in children with food selectivity.

Behavioral Benefits of Camel Milk in Subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Nutritional Status of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Do We Know Enough?

Brief Report: Scurvy as a Manifestation of Food Selectivity in Children with Autism.

Gluten Sensitivity. Highly recommended reading. Gluten can cause a wide range of systemic issues from gastrointestinal and immune to neurological. Again the link between gluten and ASD is discussed. Anecdotal accounts from parents that a gluten free diet is beneficial for their ASD child continue to be reported. The medical community is beginning to agree that a gluten free trial is worth considering and is no longer considered dangerous.

Detection of gluten immunogenic peptides in the urine of patients with coeliac disease reveals transgressions in the gluten-free diet and incomplete mucosal healing. This would be an excellent test to check that children were not consuming any hidden gluten while on a gluten free diet.

A study that indicates that stimulant medications result in poor sleep quality in ADHD children. Also the possible therapeutic benefit of the herb Scutellaria baicalensis in supporting cerebral function. I use Scutellaria baicalensis to help with microglial activation in the brain of ASD children as reported by Dr Blaylock. See additional studies included below. With this study I will be using the herb Scutellaria baicalensis more frequently in treating ADHD in children.

Stimulant Medications and Sleep for Youth With ADHD: A Meta-analysis.

Baicalin may have a therapeutic effect in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Additional Studies

Flavonoid Baicalein Attenuates Activation-Induced Cell Death of Brain Microglia.

A possible central mechanism in autism spectrum disorders, part 1.