Music Therapy and Social Skills in ASD Children

Socialisation deficits are one of the core characteristics of ASD, and a significant source of impairment regardless of cognitive or language ability for these individuals. In teaching social skills to ASD children, many interventions are used, such as social stories, peer-mediated strategies, video modelling, cognitive-behavioural training, etc. However in most countries of the world, because of reasons like cost-effectiveness, ease of use, non-invasiveness and safety, music therapy has gained much attention.

A recent study (link to full paper below) has shown music therapy to improve social skills in autism:

The feed-back I am receiving is that children doing music therapy love their weekly sessions and parents are seeing significant improvements in their children.

In Melbourne Ebony Birch-Hanger runs group and individual music therapy sessions for ASD children. For more information on her services, click on the link below: