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One of the biggest stressors on parents is a child that gets sick frequently or has behavioural issues. In this time poor world of today with pressure on parents to work, taking time off work to take your child to doctor or specialist appointments, or stay at home to care for your child when they are sick, possibly with a loss of income, adds to your daily stress. Add to that worrying about your child’s health, loss of sleep when they are sick or dealing with the stress of constant behavioural issues, puts enormous pressure on you and your family.

It is normal for your child to get sick a few times a year. However, it is not normal for them to be sick frequently, take a long time to recover and have ongoing recovery issues, like a persistent cough, asthma or runny nose.

A healthy and happy child is an investment in their future and in your peace of mind. A healthy diet, a good tummy, adequate sleep and a balanced immune system are the cornerstones on which to build your child’s health and wellbeing.


Children’s Nutrition

Bowel Issues

Constipation and How It May Affect Your Child


Chronic Functional Constipation and Encopresis in Children in Relationship with the Psychosocial Environment. Full text article. “Children with encopresis were found to have more anxiety/depression symptoms, greater social problems, more disruptive behavior, and poorer school performance.”



Boosting Immunity

Behavioural Disorders

Surviving Kindergarten

Other Common Children’s Conditions





In Melbourne, John Pietryka is a Mindd accredited practitioner, specifically trained in paediatric disorders. Should you book a consultation for your child, this will include:

  • A Comprehensive Children’s Health Questionnaire for you to complete so that we have an accurate assessment of their medical, sleep, gastrointestinal and behavioural issues
  • A dietary assessment for nutritional deficiencies as well as food, chemical or other intolerances
  • Working with you to set achievable goals as I acknowledge every child has their unique challenges
  • Support in implementing dietary changes for your child
  • Suggestion of basic supplements if required; determined by nutritional evaluation
  • Occasionally may need referral to your child’s medical practitioner for some basic tests, parasitology, abdominal X-ray, iron and other blood work, only if you feel your child would able to cope with a blood draw. These tests may be covered by Medicare.
  • A follow-up call to check on your child’s progress and answer any questions or difficulties you may have with implementing dietary changes or supplements (if prescribed)