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Abnormal tiredness and lack of energy. Weakness, mental and physical; lethargy; depression; inability to perform ordinary daily duties. All a signs that something is wrong somewhere. Your body is slowing down to cope.

What is causing your fatigue?

This is where a proper assessment is so important to get to the core of your fatigue. Failure to do so can prolong your fatigue or worse, may turn into a chronic condition like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).


POSSIBLE CAUSES, TRIGGERS & EXACERBATING FACTORS - This by no means is an extensive list

  • Low thyroid (hypothyroid)
  • Anaemia, iron deficiency; B12; folic acid, etc
  • Low Adrenal function due to chronic stress
  • Males, andropause, decreased production of testosterone
  • Depression – common, linked with problems concentrating and remembering, restlessness, anxiety, low libido and mood disturbances
  • Lack of sleep: problem falling asleep, waking at night, menopause
  • Sleep apnoea – common, tend to nod off mid afternoon. Do not feel refreshed after sleep
  • Drug side effects: OCP, sleeping pills, anti-hypertensive drugs
  • Cardiovascular causes: low blood pressure, high blood pressure; atherosclerosis
  • Diabetes: fatigue may be due to a prediabetic state.
  • Crash dieting and eating poorly which results in vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Side effects from allergies or chemical sensitivities
  • Anxiety
  • Low testosterone
  • Post viral fatigue
  • Undiagnosed infections – Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, human herpes virus-6, etc
  • Heavy metal toxicity: a report of fatigue and bone pain in a patient using aluminium based antiperspirantsExley, C. Aluminum in antiperspirants: more than just skin deep. American Journal of Medicine, Vol. 117, December 2004, pp969-970
    Guillard, O et al. Hyperaluminemia in a woman using an aluminum-containing antiperspirant for 4 years. American Journal of Medicine, Vol. 117, December 2004, pp956-959



  • Blood work to rule out anaemia – I often see pathology results brought in by  patients that have been told by their doctor that they are “normal”. A review of the pathology results shows that they are not “normal”. In the absence of obvious pathology, the cause of the anaemia needs to be identified
  • Low thyroid function – a high normal TSH thyroid test indicates subclinical hypothyroidism. A full thyroid test panel should be run. This must include a test for thyroid antibodies. Urinary iodine should also be assessed
  • Virus antibody panel – to check for underlying viral infections
  • Hormones – especially testosterone and DHEA
  • Vitamin and mineral assessment – low potassium, vitamin B12 and magnesium may be contributing factors
  • Salivary testing for adrenal gland hormones – adrenal hormone testing helps to identify which hormones need support and the most optimal nutrients to correct the imbalance
  • Biochemical assessments – an Organic Acid Test can detect biochemical abnormalities that may be the cause of your fatigue. For example mitochondrial deficiencies can be a cause of fatigue
  • Sleep apnoea – a sleep study may be warranted to confirm or rule out whether this may be a problem


Treatment involves correcting the deficiencies that are detected, correcting any adrenal or thyroid problems that result in hormone imbalances. Correcting any biochemical and hormonal abnormalities, individual tailored prescription of nutritional supplements along with diet and lifestyle changes can restore your energy level and restore your vitality.



In Melbourne, John Pietryka is a naturopath and an ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) trained practitioner. Should you book a consultation for your yourself, this will include:

  • A Comprehensive Health Questionnaire for you to complete so that we have an accurate assessment of your medical, sleep, gastrointestinal and clinical issues
  • A dietary assessment for nutritional deficiencies as well as food, chemical or other intolerances
  • Working with you to set achievable goals as I acknowledge everyone has their unique challenges, especially when you are chronically tired
  • Support in implementing dietary changes if appropriate
  • Evaluation of any pathology test results you may have had done so far
  • Suggestions of additional testing your doctor may be able to order or if appropriate one of the health tests available through the clinic
  • Evaluation of current medications and supplements you may be taking
  • Recommendations may be made to optimise your list supplements; determined by nutritional evaluation or clinical symptoms
  • A follow-up call to check on your progress and answer any questions or difficulties you may have with implementing dietary changes or supplements (if prescribed)


INSOMNIA – An obvious cause of fatigue

Good Sleep for Good Health

  • The brain is more active at night
  • The body heals, repairs and detoxifies at night
  • Identifying and treating sleep disturbances can improve many health conditions

Warning signs of sleep deprivation:

  • Poor motivation
  • Sleepy during the day
  • Increased craving for sugar, nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs and coffee
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Confusion
  • Compromised immune system
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Delusional
  • Mouth breathing
  • Can’t sit still at home or work
  • Snoring

Sleep deprivation is linked to:

  • Reduced work performance
  • Reduced cognitive function
  • Aggressions
  • Behavioural abnormality
  • Increased chance of road accidents (1 in 6)
  • Linked to poor immunity
  • Stroke and heart attacks – 50%
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue symptoms
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Don’t put up with the fatigue and health consequences of short and long term sleep deprivation. Call today to arrange an appointment.