Upcoming Events – February 2016 News


There are two unique opportunities coming up for parents to learn more. There is nothing more inspiring than to listen to biomedical doctors that are implementing research based ASD treatment protocols. It is also an excellent opportunity to rub shoulders with parents that have put these treatment protocols in place and hear the results they have achieved in healing their children.

Bio-Balance Health

Bio-Balance Health’s primary aim is to make available in Australia information on the use of a comprehensive biochemical assessment and advanced complementary nutritional treatment of a range of disorders such as behavioural disorders, ADD, ADHD, learning disorders and Autism as well as mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

Bio-Balance Conference – Sunday 20 March 2016

Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Mental & Behavioural Disorders

The conference brochure can be downloaded here.

MINDD Foundation

Mindd Foundation helps practitioners and patients discover and implement effective treatments for Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive, Developmental conditions that often affect the mind. Our focus is on paediatric disorders such as ADHD, Asthma, allergies, autism, chronic illness, depression, learning and language delay, and digestive and behavioural disorders. Research is showing that these children are coming from families with a history of “brain-immuno-gut disorders” triggered by toxins, malnutrition and infections.

MINDD International Forum 2016 – 20 – 22 May 2016

World experts will present to parents, patients, carers, educators and health professionals on Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, Nutrient Therapy, Bio Individual Diets, Nutritional Psychiatry, Brain Plasticity, Natural and Neuro Therapies.

Dr Nancy O’Hara was a keynote speaker at the Mindd International Forum 2015.

Dr Nancy O'Hara - Mindd International Forum 2015

Dr Nancy O’Hara – Mindd International Forum 2015

Since 1999 Dr Nancy O’Hara has dedicated her practice to the integrative and holistic care of children with neurodevelopment disorders, ADHD, PANDAS/PANS, OCD, Lyme, allergies and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. She is a leader in the training of clinicians, both in the US and abroad.

Listen to her being interviewed at the MINDD International Forum 2015 and her passion for helping children on the autism spectrum.

Dr Nancy O’Hara will again be a keynote speaker at the MINDD International Forum 2016